Luxury Rental Chalet Apartment Villa Solenzara Charm and Prestige

Between sea and mountain, find exceptional villas in Sari-Solenzara for vacations combining outdoor activities and relaxation on the edge of a sumptuous beach. An attentive service, in our luxury villas carried by the quality of the services.

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FAQ : Rental villas and apartments destination Sari-Solenzara 

⭐ What is the best time to have a vacation in Sari-Solenzara ?
The main thing to motivate visitors to go to the Isle of Beauty is the sun. The region of South Corsica enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The weather is mild all year round and the sun is often shining. The month of May is ideal for a tour of the island in a convertible and/or to enjoy the festivities offered by the village of Solenzara until the month of October.

⭐ What is Sari-Solenzara known for ? 
Solenzara, is known as a seaside town with warm and friendly beaches, it owes its unique atmosphere to its charming marina. Ideally located between the sea and the mountains, this village will allow you to vary the activities to please the greatest number. Thanks to our luxury villas you will have a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea and the town of Sari-Solenzara. The opportunity to enjoy an incomparable and unprecedented setting for quiet evenings with family, friends or as a couple.

⭐ What activities can you do during your luxury vacation in Sari-Solenzara ?
Between sea and mountain Solenzara offers various activities for all tastes. If you are more relaxing and idle, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches that Solenzara offers but also unique excursion on board private sailboats for example. If you are more into sports, nature and mountains, the landscape will allow you to take advantage of the infrastructures offering canyoning and adventure courses. 
In the evening you can enjoy the entertainment that the city offers from the month of May to October, one thing and sure you will not be bored!

⭐ Why choose to rent a luxury villa in Sari-Solenzara ?
Choose one of our rentals in Sari-Solenzara to spend a vacation in a luxury setting is to ensure a great stay. Indeed, you will benefit from a breathtaking landscape offering sunsets worthy of postcard. A luxury villa rental in Sari-Solenzara represents the tranquility, privacy and weeks of vacation you deserve! 
The resources of this breathtaking place will appeal to both young and old. From the diversity of landscapes Sari-Solenzara will not leave room for boredom and will allow you a real change of scenery for your vacation. 

⭐ How to choose a luxury villa to rent in Sari-Solenzara ? 
AEC Collection has selected for you luxury villa rentals in Solenzara. Our beautiful homes in Sari-Solenzara, offer various services such as swimming pool, spa, gym, terraces with stunning views... To fully enjoy your stay in Sari-Solenzara, AEC Collection offers luxury villa rentals with a range of prices.

⭐ What are the advantages of a luxury villa rental with Aec collection ?
You will benefit from a free concierge service. We will assist you in organizing your entire vacation. In addition, we have set up a loyalty system allowing you to benefit from a check for 3% of the amount of your stay to be deducted from your next reservation.
At Aec collection we have at heart to guarantee you your best vacations that's why we place you at the heart of our priorities.

⭐ What type of financial protection does your luxury villa rental in Solenzara have ?
 Financial guarantee: in these uncertain times, the amounts you pay are guaranteed by our guarantor (APST). This is a very important point. You should not take the risk of booking with an operator who does not offer a financial guarantee.
- Assistance guarantee in case of problems during your stay.
The insurance must be taken out within a maximum of 10 days following the signature of the rental contract or the payment of the deposit; and at least 96 hours before the beginning of the rental period.
The total amount of the rent must not exceed 15 000 €.
One insurance contract per rented property.
Maximum stay : 90 days.
ADAR Luxury
As soon as your rental contract is signed or a deposit has been paid, you have 10 days to subscribe to the ADAR Luxe insurance. After this period, the subscription is still possible but you will benefit from all the guarantees only after application of a waiting period of 7 days during which no guarantee can take effect. (Except for the Civil Liability of the occupant which takes effect the day after the payment of the premium),
For all rentals in France only.
The total amount of the rent must not exceed 50 000 €.
Maximum duration of coverage: 90 days
Be in good health at the time of subscription and not have been hospitalized in the 6 months prior to departure.